Matt Goodson Bridle Horses

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Green Horse Program
When a horse comes into our Green Horse Program we strive to build a solid foundation so they can excel in any direction they go in life, whether it be a western pleasure, ranch, roping or an arena horse.  Within the first few months we expose them to things such as roping, riding outside and tracking cattle.  By using these and other tools we try install patience and confidence into the horse. 
Matt Goodson Bridle Horses
Matt Goodson Bridle Horses strives to make  a well rounded horse.  We have listed below just a few options, but we are always up to creating a program that would fit you and your horse.  Feel free to contact us for more details, prices, and terms. 
Tune Ups
These are horses that have been started that may have some type of hole they need addressed. This could be a horse that has been laid off for a while and needs some rides to get them back on track or horse that has behavioral issues that need addressed or needs more body control.  This could also include a horse that needs introduction to cattle.   These are just a few examples of what tune up rides consist of. 
Show Horses
 Our passion is showing reined cowhorses, which showcases our training program.  We are open to long term training and showing clients who would like to see their horses in the show pen.  Whether you have an aged horse or a two year old you would like to see in the show pen we can accommodate you. Our ultimate goal is to have our aged horses in the bridle, whether you're in the show pen or on the ranch you have  horse that is solid in all disciplines.